Nature's Generator Around the World

by Nature's Generator

Our Nature's Generator was created and produced to give users the ability to bring power to places where it's not so easily acquired. Whether that be at home for staying connected during power outages or emergencies to camping, RVing, or going off-grid.
We wanted to bring you the following testimonial from one of our users in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  We are always happy to hear and share the real-life applications that can be achieved with the Nature's Generator.

"I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I recently met a woman who lives about an hour outside of Puerto Vallarta on farmland owned by her parents.

Five years ago she built herself a small, 2 bedroom home on the farmland. She was able to get water and gas in the house but because the power company has not yet provided electrical lines to the area she did not have electricity even though she had the home wired for that eventuality! She has been using candles and battery powered night lights, flashlights, etc. for the past 5 years! She has had to eat meals out at restaurants or with family members everyday as she had no way to run a refrigerator. She works 6 days a week, 12 hours a day and leaves and returns home in the dark.

When I heard this I could not believe it and took to investigating what it would cost to get the power company to run the electrical lines to the home. They told me $10,000 US dollars, which is a fortune to this woman or even her brother and son who also live in the area.

So, I took to the internet to look for some kind of solution that would be better than candles and flashlights. I soon discovered the Nature’s Generator solar generator on the Home Depot USA site. I had many questions about the capabilities of this generator and was able to connect with Gregory Adams in California. We spent considerable time discussing the capabilities of the generator itself and what could be powered by it for how long.

I purchased the basic generator and solar panel from [Nature's Generator], had it sent to me in Mexico and installed it at this home. To my surprise the house had been wired with 2-30 amp breakers, light sockets, outlets, etc. when constructed and there was a 3 pronged electrical cable running from the electrical panel, just hanging there.

I plugged the cable into the generator and the house was completely alive with power! This woman couldn’t believe it. She thought she was dreaming. I was more excited than she was! We tested the generator’s power capability using various appliances, light, time, etc. I was even able to connect a light bulb/Security camera to the system for remote viewing. Given that she was only home at night, except for one day a week, she only used power for lights and a radio for maybe 2 hours a night at most and about an hour in the morning.

The solar power, in direct sunlight for about 6-8 hours a day charged the generator completely and provided about 7 hours of night time usage without the recharging capability, being that it is dark at night time.

Now the next step had to be made…get her a refrigerator so she could eat some meals at home. I purchased the [Nature's Power] Pod and another solar panel. This additional Pod and solar panel has increased the total power available by 167% and now provides about 19 hours of continuous power without recharging, again depending on how many things are being used at once. But, in this case the woman here is not using any power during the day and only for a couple of hours during the night. So… a 5 cubic foot frigobar, with a small freezer and water dispatcher on the door, has now been installed. It is plugged in 24/7 and, with the 19 hours of power capability, never uses much at all and the generator and pod are continuously being recharged completely during the daytime hours.

I cannot emphasize more how much this product has meant to this woman. It has changed her life and made it ultimately more comfortable. In a few years the power company may get around to installing power lines to the area but in the meantime she has what she needs. Great solution to a real life issue!"
- Steve Odegaard