About Wind Turbine



          Wind turbines are now available for home use as an alternative source of electricity and you can see a lot of variety in the market today that offers massive amount of watt power. But are they real?
          There are things you need to consider when buying a wind turbine, so let's learn more about wind turbine and how the Nature's Generator Wind Turbine can play a big part in your every day life.

What is a wind turbine and how does it work?

          The principle on how a wind turbine works is like a fan but instead using electricity to generate wind, a wind turbine using wind to generate electricity. A wind turbine uses its blades to convert wind energy to electricity by absorbing the air movement.  Wind turbines are relatively used since air is always present in the surrounding. Lack of air has never been our problem and this is an advantage for the usage of wind turbines because people need electric power at all times. 

Why do I need a wind turbine?

          The advantage of having a wind turbine is to have different way to recharge your Nature's Generator. Aside from recharging your Nature's Generator thru Solar, you can combo you solar panel with a wind turbine having the ability to harness not just solar, but also wind power.
          Adding a wind turbine also increase the capacity of your Nature's Generator Systems since the Nature's Generator can be used while charging (not all solar generator have this kind of features), the energy generated by the wind turbine continuously storing it even the battery is being use and increasing its capacity and it is the same thing if you added more solar panels. 

Does Nature’s Generator Wind Turbine really work with my generators?

           The Nature’s Generator Wind Turbine is designed and made specifically for use with the Nature's Generator and all materials are made with quality to endures any weather condition so that you can enjoy the free electric power any time. 

What’s included in Nature’s Generator Wind Turbine?

          The Nature's Generator offers a complete set including: 100ft long wind turbine cable, Connectors, Controller box, and Hardware and tool bag, the only exception is the tower. It is unlike any other cheap wind turbine in the market where connectors and cables are sold separately and break easily. Nature's Generator also offer a Solar and Wind Power Generator kit for a complete power solution.


How do I set up Nature’s Generator Wind Turbine?

          Anyone can setup the Nature's Generator Wind Turbine and comes with everything needed to successfully connect it to the Nature's Generator. The only thing you will need to source separately is the tower you'll need to raise the Wind Turbine and our wind turbine is designed to mount on a nominal 1.5 inch schedule 40 steel tubing or piping which is available to your local hardware store. The outside diameter of the tubbing or piping should be around 1.875in. to 1.900in. Under no circumstances should a plastic pipe be used to construct the tower. The tower must be capable of withstanding 160 pounds of load in the horizontal direction at the wind turbine.

 Here's some guide on how to setup the Nature's Generator Wind Turbine
         1. Choose an ideal mounting location for your Nature's Generator Wind Turbine. 
         2. Install your Nature's Generator Wind Turbine according to your user manual. 
         3. Connect your Nature's Generator Wind Turbine to your Nature's Generator.

Are all wind turbines created equal?

          Unfortunately, No! There are cheap wind turbine in the market that are made with cheap materials and break easily. Other factors you need to consider about wind turbines is the required wind speed to generate electricity and cheap wind turbines required a high-speed of wind to generate electricity.
          But Unlike other wind turbine, the Nature's Generator Wind Turbine are with high quality cast aluminum alloy body provides protection from natural elements and its sturdy design provide versatile use on land, water or wherever you decide to install the wind turbine and can generate 150 Watt power at 27mph of wind. 

Can I expand Nature’s Generator Wind Turbine?

           With Nature's Generator, Yes you can. You can add up 2 wind turbines in your Nature's Generator. The dual wind turbine controller box allows you to daisy-chain two Nature's Generator Wind Turbines to increase your recharge capacity per hour.
           Why not get a high watt power wind turbine instead of having 2 Nature's Generator wind turbine. Well, that's correct! But, high watt power wind turbines requires higher wind speed to generate their minimum output. The idea of having 2 Nature's Generator wind turbines is to get maximum output with an average wind speed.  

Overall, the Nature's Generator Wind Turbine is the ideal design wind turbine for home use, built with high quality materials that can withstand any weather condition, can operate in an average wind speed in United States and has the ability to expand.