Solar and Wind Powered Generator

           You probably heard about the solar generator, and there are so many out there you can choose from. They all offer the portability and clean renewable energy. But why is the Nature's Generator is the best off-grid source of electricity among other solar generators?

          Today, we're going to talk about why Nature's Generator become the best and what are the features of Nature's Generator that are missing with other solar generator in the market.



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1. Infinite Expandability

In Nature's Generator, we know the needs of have the ability to expand your system and we made that easy for you with our stackable Power Pods. You can add as many Power Pods as you like! We make the expandability fast and easy.



2. Leading 3600-Watt Output Capacity

Unlike other solar generator that only have 2000-Watt output capacity at most, our Nature's Generator Elite with it's revolutionary inverter system can offer 3600-Watt Output capacity paired with 3 AC outlets, 2 USB ports, and a DC plug-in makes it very easy to power up several electronic devices at once.

3. Pure Sine Wave

Nature's generator uses Pure Sine Wave, the same electricity provided by your grid company. You can hookup any sensitive equipment like your computer, medical equipment, fringe and even military equipment with no issue.

4. Nature's Generator Wind Turbine

The Nature's Generator Wind Turbine provides an additional method of recharging the Nature's Generator and will help you harness the power of wind so that you can stay charged and connected in almost any weather scenario. Made with high quality cast aluminum alloy body provides protection from natural elements and its sturdy design provide versatile use on land, water or wherever you decide to install the wind turbine.

5. Scratch Proof Solar Panel

Solar panels capture energy from the sun and loses efficiency when being scratched from the surface, but unlike the other solar generator in the market that uses fabric or plastic case for the solar panels, Nature's Generator has the tempered glass on the surface on the solar panels that offers extra durability and longevity.

6. Proven and Safe

There are a lot of pro's and con's when we're talking about batteries. But Nature's Generator choose sealed-lead acid or SLA which is the safer and affordable option. This technology is around for centuries and is proven and safe. Additionally there is a significant cost savings and overall feeling of safety with this proven technology

7. Bigger Bang for the Buck

Nature's Generator not only offers you the practicality with it's heavy duty cart and wheels, 50 foot long cable and all other accessories, it also offers significant cost savings because Nature's Generator always comes with a complete set. It is much more affordable and customizable.