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Whole Home Power


Nature's Generator Powerhouse

A whole home power backup. Best use for extended power outages, full off-grid set up, or supplying power-hungry appliances all at the same time.

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Nature's Generator Powerhouse Hybird

The Nature’s Generator Powerhouse Platinum Hybrid Platinum System consists of the Powerhouse, four 410W Power Panels, and one Eco Intelligent Power Pod that allows you to increase the battery capacity and take advantage of both lithium and lead acid batteries.

Save up to $2600

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Portable or Emergency Power


Nature's Generator Lithium 1800Home or On-the-Go

Meet the future of portable power. Powered by LiFePO4 battery the safest lithium battery technology on the market, this Nature’s Generator has a solid 1800W power output with an impressive 3600W surge capacity and additionally boasts a 1440 watt-hour battery capacity to keep your appliances running longer – plus all this comes in a well-designed compact power station.Saveup to

Save up to $600

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Nature's Generator Elite

Perfect backup for long power outages. This system is best for powering important appliances such as fridge, microwave, garage door opener, and etc.

Save up to $800

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Nature's Generator 1800W

Power your Fridge, Router, Modem, Laptop, and other home appliances. Perfect for short-term power outages and emergencies.

Save up to $600

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